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    Version 0.573
    Written by GurtyGurt/GG@RTF (gurtygurt@dancegames.com)
    Last Updated: 20 November 2001
    I am a member of the DDR Team 'Ranking Task Force' (http://rtf.genxer.net)
    I am also a member of the 'Bemani Order of Madness' (http://gurt.50g.com)

    This FAQ covers the following DDR games extensively:
    Dance Dance Revolution (PSX, Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MIX (DC, Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX (PSX)
    Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MIX Link Version (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX (PSX, Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX Korea ver.1 (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX Korea ver.2 (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX Plus (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass MIX (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX (PSX)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX Plus (Arcade)
    NEW! Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX (Arcade)
    NEW! Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX (PSX)
    NEW! Dance Dance Revolution: DDRMAX (Arcade)
    Dance Dance Revolution GB (Game Boy Color)
    Dance Dance Revolution GB2 (Game Boy Color)
    Dance Dance Revolution GB3 (Game Boy Color)
    Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits (PSX)
    Dance Dance Revolution Extra MIX (PSX)
    Dancing Stage (Arcade, PAL markets release)


    0.0 Introduction
    0.1 FAQ History
    0.2 Announcements and Notices
    1.0 Basic Info
    1.1 Frequently Asked Questions
    2.0 Arcade Operation
    2.1 Using your Memory Card on 3rd MIX Arcade
    2.2 Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX Korea ver.
    2.3 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX
    2.35 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX Operator Settings
    2.4 Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX
    2.5 DDRMAX
    3.0 Console Operation (PSX, DC and GBC)
    3.1 Dance Dance Revolution
    3.2 Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX and 2nd MIX
    3.3 Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX
    3.4 Dance Dance Revolution GB
    3.5 Dance Dance Revolution GB2
    3.6 Dance Dance Revolution GB3
    3.7 Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits
    3.8 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX
    3.9 Dance Dance Revolution Extra MIX
    3.10 Dance Dance Revoltuion 5th MIX
    3.11 Extracting Stuff From DDR CD's
    3.12 Pocketstation guide
    3.12.1 DDR 4th MIX NS Order Editor
    4.0 Physics, Ergonomics and General DDR Advice
    4.1 DDR Illness Guide
    4.2 DDR Mat Review
    4.3 Physical vs. Mental
    5.0 Step/Scoring Guide
    5.1 DDR, Dancing Stage and 2nd MIX songs
    5.2 3rd (Re)MIX Songs
    5.3 4th MIX Songs
    5.4 5th MIX Songs
    5.5 DC Edit Data and PSX 3rd MIX Konami Edit Data
    (including 3rd and 4th MIXes on Arcade)
    5.6 Techniques Glossary
    5.6.1 Play Styles
    6.0 Competition Guide
    6.1 Performance Play
    6.2 Perfect Attack
    7.0 Myths, Legends and Trivia (as well as questions)
    7.1 Different Group Name, Same Artist?
    8.0 Codes and Cheats
    9.0 Outroduction
    9.1 About the Author
    9.2 Links
    9.3 Credits
    9.4 Disclaimer
    9.5 Future Versions
    9.6 Requests


    0 . 0 I n t r o d u c t i o n

    Welcome to my Dance Dance Revolution FAQ! This FAQ covered the entire DDR
    series of games. I started this FAQ quite simply because it's my favourite
    game of all time! I usually play games for 2 weeks tops. Gran Turismo 2
    lasted for 1 week. Zelda 64 lasted for 6 days. DDR games, especially 2nd
    ReMIX, has lasted 8 months and counting! (My old favourite game was the old
    Commodore 64 game, Monty on the Run, in case you wondered.) There's a few
    DDR FAQs around, and most contain gameplay/menu information. Some contain
    some stepping information. I think one contained a few performance hints.
    While getting good at DDR is something best done by yourself in my opinion
    (I had no such FAQs to turn to!) this FAQ will point you in the right
    direction. For more information on this, see section 4.0.

    This FAQ is based on the contents of my old DDR page at www.emutech.net/ddr/.
    I've left it up for historical purposes, but I'm working on a new page, which
    for better be...better! Or else!

    This FAQ is based equally on the arcade, PSX, GBC and DC versions of DDR.
    If you have something to contribute, don't hesitate to email me! This
    includes DDR sites. If you email me edit data, I'll post it on my own
    site if you so wish.

    I might restart my DDR site from scratch soon, based on this FAQ...

    0.1 FAQ History

    v0.1 > The first version. (31 May 2000)
    > Began the FAQ cos' I lost my NeoGeo Pocket Color while playing DDR
    and thus was unable to finish my Sonic Pocket Adventure FAQ. Isn't
    that ironic?
    > Since the PSX version of 3rd MIX comes out tomorrow, I expect
    there will be a small update within a fortnight.
    v0.2 > Released 19 June 2000.
    > Added further 3rd MIX arcade details after the arcade machine tried
    to eat my memory card.
    > Extended section 3.0 and of course, added 3rd MIX PSX info.
    > Performance section introduction extended and new performance trick
    > Double mode tips added to 3rd MIX score info. Step/Score Guide
    > Confirmation of the 'hackers version' of DDR in Myths/Legends.
    > 3rd MIX GameShark codes added.
    > I musta added a lot, because this version contained just under 2000
    lines compared to just over 1200 or something for the last version!
    Sheesh! (1976 lines)
    v0.3 > Released 29 June 2000.
    > Added ratings system for each difficulty level of song!
    > Brief guide to announcer's sayings added in part 3.3 to help players
    indicate where their health is if they aren't looking at the screen.
    > Added hints on Official Edit Data!
    > Begun techniques glossary!
    > Added DDR Illness Guide!
    > This version 3220 lines long and 185kb! Sheesh again! If I type
    another 100 letters it'll be 186kb long! Oops! Now it is, isn't it?
    Damn! And it's 3222 lines long now!
    v0.4 > Happy New Year! Released 01 January, 2001!
    > Added more song info!
    > Added info on DDR GB, DDR GB2, DDR 3rd Mix Korea ver., and DDR Best
    > Expanded on DDR Illness Guide! Note 'Giddiness' and similar illnesses
    can be avoided now no matter how long you play!
    > Added mat reviews!
    > Added some info on DDR Best Hits (esp. the PAL Speedfix code!)
    > This version isn't really finished, but it's been so long since the
    last update that I really should release it as is. Nonetheless,
    I found a Korean DDR 3rd Mix machine (ie has all the extra songs),
    so I'll give guides to the Korean version as best I can...keep
    in mind that most of the new song titles are in Korean :) (NB: Not
    all the band names are, though - so if in doubt...they will be listed
    under the band name)
    > A side note: Part of the reason why this FAQ hasn't been updated in
    6 months is because I was in hospital for a while with a collapsed
    lung. Doctors said it was spontaneous, as I don't smoke or anything,
    but I have to wonder...marathon runners get collapsed organs a lot;
    is it possible DDR caused my collapsed lung? A scary thought... (no,
    it isn't a serious problem and the only permanent effect it has is
    I can never go scuba diving. Boo hoo. :P)
    v0.43 > Released 04 February 2001.
    > Called version 0.43 for no apparent reason. I just like the sound of
    > In for a penny, in for a pound: Upon failing to find some DVD's I
    wanted, I brushed past the ol' 3rd MIX hangout in hope of their
    Daytona USA/Daytona USA 2 machines being vacant. Lo and behold, I
    found DDR 4th MIX! And nobody was using it!
    > Thus added info on 4th MIX and 4th MIX song guides.
    > Added one technique for Gradiusic Cyber ~AMD G5 MIX~ which makes it
    incredibly easier! (NB: in my opinion :P)
    > And myths/legends/etc on 4th MIX.
    > Added small descriptions of each different mix with the song guides.
    > 90% of emails I get are asking for help with getting 3rd MIX started.
    In section 8.0 I've clearly marked out some basic help for it.
    > Added section 4.3.
    > Added section 7.1.
    > Added section 9.6.
    > Totally rewrote the Author Profile thingy at the bottom end of the
    FAQ that nobody reads anyway (I know because nobody submitted what
    I requested in the 'in the next version part', and lord knows every
    man and his dog would have if they saw it :P)
    > This FAQ is exactly 5000 lines long now. Woohoo :P
    (yes, I deliberately rounded it off cos' it was only 2 lines short)
    v0.47 > Released 1 April, 2001. No April Fools jokes (honest!)
    > Added even more and more 4th MIX song info!
    > Consequently added 4th MIX PSX info!
    > And DDR GB3 info!
    > Great new DDR 3rd MIX PSX GameShark codes! Play the game at 75-150%
    speed! And the music slows down/speeds up too!
    > And don't forget the DDR 4th MIX PSX PAL Sync Code! Essential for PAL
    users! Verified to be 100% correct cos' I got an AA on 1,2,3,4, 007
    with it!
    > Extremely detailed Operator/Settings info for 4th MIX Arcade! Great
    for people who happen to own or have unrestricted access to a
    machine's operator box and don't know what anything does!
    > Oops. Forgot to list the 4th MIX arcade info in the index!
    > Important update to DDR 4th MIX Internet Ranking.
    > Added section 1.1.
    > No more emails about getting DDR 3rd MIX started, but I added
    a genuine FAQs section to the FAQ - section 1.1. Many of my emails
    now are about unlock codes or PAL sync codes for DDR Disney's Rave.
    It suprises me people actually bought this game in such vast
    > "GurtyGurt has equipped the Boots of Sluggishness." - put on big
    loose-fitting sheepskin boots to find hidden techniques for harder
    songs, and to find how easier songs might be hard for novice and
    intermediate level players once again. The boots dull your reactions
    so you require technique, namely not using the same foot twice in
    a row for different steps...suprisingly, it worked. Not only did my
    stamina rise massively, but my technique increased too! I recommend
    you try it!
    > Added 'recommendations' to song info, one list of recommendations for
    each mix. Sorted into categories for every type of DDR player.
    > Added detailed information on 'recommendations' to the very start of
    section 5.0, including how to distinguish each type of DDR player.
    See which one you fit in best!
    > Added the most important DDR guideline of all to section 4.3 -
    not being afraid to face new challenges, even if it means losing
    a credit or two.
    > This FAQ is getting a bit too big (it's over 360kb now). I don't
    know if it IS too big yet, but in the future I may divide this into
    two parts. Over 5000 lines long. Over 50,000 words long too,
    apparently. I type too much!
    > Joined a DDR team (see links). This will allow me to expand on info
    a lot more.
    > I got DDR: Disney's Rave but I haven't been able to find a PAL speed
    sync fix code thing. I could slow down the music, but it'd require
    a multitude of codes as it seems to switch between them a lot, and
    it wouldn't really be fixing the problem, it's just be altering the
    problem, wouldn't it? Don't expect a sync code...
    > Added a few links & credits!
    > Released in a bit of a hurry and is still messy. I couldn't delay it
    any longer - I've been withholding this for a week now.
    v0.5 > Released 1 May, 2001.
    > An excellent method of checking the condition of the sensors in your
    local arcade's DDR platform has been suggested by Andrew Campbell!
    See the 'actual' Frequently Asked Questions section a few pages down.
    > Much more detailed and much more accurate medical bits, thanks to
    Vince Yim!
    > 4th MIX PSX Bugs reported. Many thanks to H.Edward from Ranking Task
    Force (the DDR team I'm in, plug plug :P) for the information on
    these undocumented 'features'! All this information originally comes
    from Konami's Message Board, but it's in Japanese, of course...
    > Excellent contributions and feedback on 4th MIX Arcade technical
    info from Dvae Van Horn!
    > Section 8.0 and 8.1 condensed into one section, and made nice 'n'
    neat. Some never used 2nd ReMIX code info removed to save space...
    > Renamed section 1.0.
    > Added section 0.2 for important notices and DDR news...it's sorted
    by reigon (World, North America, Europe, Oceania). Hope this helps!
    This info will be erased once it is obsolete. Info will not be
    > This is just so everyone notices: I have changed the trivia bit about
    the 'swastika' X on Orion.78 AMeuro MIX (and Hero KCP Happy Grendale
    MIX) because I was half asleep when I typed it up and forgot that I
    knew all about backwards swastikas and stuff. I received umpteen
    corrective emails about this, so I learnt my lesson...thanks to
    everyone who snapped me out of it! :)
    v0.5a > Released 2 May, 2001.
    > Urgent news update. A few other things have been added and corrected
    too to make it worthwhile re-uploading everywhere...
    > One or two things I may have forgotten in the rush to release this
    version: Giving credit where credit is due. If you gave me some info
    and I forgot to mention your name, and you believe it should be
    mentioned, email me...I've been awfully busy lately with RTF team
    affairs and the launching of DanceGames.com, and I've had very little
    time or motivation to write the FAQ. Email replies have been first
    v0.51 > Released 31 May, 2001. First anniversary issue!
    > H.Edward of Ranking Task Force informed me shortly before his trip to
    Melbourne that Konami actually require a fee for the password to
    unlock hidden songs. Not that any of the Southern Californian or
    Japanese sites with the code mention that. But Konami's site don't
    mention the code - he must be right. Oops. My bad. Sorry Konami! It's
    gone now...
    > Dans Dans Revolution from Melbourne pointed out to me that not all
    DDR machines have the degaussing feature. I know they're on 3rd MIX
    machines, but I'm not sure about 3rd MIX Korean or Dancing Stage ones
    so remember that before you harass attendants to degauss it!
    > Quite large step update for 4th MIX and Solo 2000/Extra MIX songs!
    Nice to know since Extra MIX is coming soon!
    > Results of RTF competition displayed now!
    > Umpteen minor fixes on the step guides and tech info.
    v0.53 > Released 23 June 2001.
    > Webpage up the top changed. The site it points to now UPDATES! My
    god! Shock! Horror! Go there if you want some really nasty Edit Data
    or something! And please, submit your own edit data! The old URL will
    no longer work as the domain expired (well it hasn't but it's gone
    anyway and nobody knows where, but it's due to expire anyway soon).
    > On the webpage up the top, perhaps the first DDR comic ever is
    available... "The Adventures of Microphone Eating Guy and Clapping
    Man", who feature in the background of some 4th MIX songs (eg Dream
    a Dream). Absolutely zany antics, but I must warn this isn't a kids
    comic or an adults comic...it's more of a DDR/Konami fan comic...
    I would not recommend it for children, though! Sorry! Episode 2
    should be coming in a few days...
    > Arcade Operator Settings/Memory Card Options updated with more
    specific details, as a lot of people don't know this extremely useful
    feature exists! As our arcade is still waiting for 5th MIX (customs
    detain our stuff a lot, apparently) it is unclear if it's on that
    or not yet...
    > Extra MIX info redone, now the game is out.
    > Solo 2000 songs added a bit again, as well as a few 4th Plus and
    due to Extra MIX, some 5th MIX songs as well.
    > A lot added to the 'real' Frequently Asked Questions (section 1.2)
    > FINALLY updated the Official Edit Data step guide section!
    v0.573> Released 20 November, 2001. I have a twisted sense of humor.
    > NOTE: My email address changed from .net to .com. The difference is,
    it's not Yahoo! Mail anymore. This changed because of yahoo
    frequently coming up with 'this page has not responded' when I reply
    meaning I don't know if the email got through or not (it appears to
    go through but I don't know). This affected emails after October 28
    and in early-mid September mostly. Please redirect all traffic to
    the .com address! Also note now you should specify you're talking
    about DDR as I write FAQs for other Bemani games now.
    > Release synchronized with the first releases of my Drummania and
    Guitar Freaks FAQs.
    > Come visit our new DDR and Bemani team, the Bemani Order of Madness!
    See the link at the top of this FAQ!
    > Added important PAL sync code info. Thanks to Anthony Cheng for the
    > Plenty more 5th MIX info as our machine arrived now!
    > Make A Jam! info added to...
    > Oops! I took so long releasing this, thanks to umpteen PS2 delays for
    my other 2 new FAQs, that the planned simultaneous release got put
    back almost two months! My bad!
    > Consequently, a lot of 5th MIX PSX info is in this FAQ too.
    > Added to censored names list, new total is 98!
    > Added one more bit to 3rd MIX PSX info about the intro movie (same
    movie as in the arcade, of course).
    > Just so everyone stops emailing me about it, the .59 info has been
    updated. Make it stop! Pleeeeeeease!

    0.2 Announcements and Notices


    * DDRMAX, the latest incarnation of DDR, has been released. It is to DDR
    what Beatmania IIdx was to Beatmania - a well timed revamp. See in the
    FAQ for details...

    North America

    * DDR Disney's Rave was to be released on the September 18th. Thank you to
    Daihaikusei(@)aol.com for the info! I think it was released, but I'm not
    sure. Please don't email me to tell me or I'll get 50 billion emails
    again! I'll ask someone soon!


    * Dancing Stage: Disney's Rave was released in Europe and consequently can
    now be found across the PAL market...or so I'm told. I avoid local games
    shops so I don't know 100%.


    * No competitions for the time being.
    * For especially crazy DDRers in my neck of the woods, I'm pleased to
    announce a new Bemani team has started - the Bemani Order of Madness. If
    you're a crazy wierdo who likes to do edit data with all down steps,
    endless spins or you like to do stupid moves when freestyling on purpose,
    or you simply just mock DDR as much as you enjoy it with fake lyrics or
    whatnot - feel free to check out our page at http://gurt.50g.com ! It
    launched today (20 November) also, in fact. At the time of release we have
    4 members and expecting 2 more very soon! Watch us step! We're sober!
    (don't ask what that means, I don't know!)

    1 . 0 B a s i c I n f o

    Dance Dance Revolution is a Dancing simulation, sort of. Unlike Bust-a-Groove
    or even the old 8-bit breakdancing games of the early-mid 80s, Dance Dance
    Revolution requires you to play with your feet. A 1˝ minute long series of
    arrows scrolls up the screen in time with some music. The arrows point in
    the 4 principle directions - up, down, left, right. When these arrows get
    near to the top they go under some greyed out arrows - this is the moment
    you step on the corresponding arrow button on the pad below you. Depending
    on your timing, you can score 'Perfect!', 'Great!', 'Good!', 'Boo!' and
    'Miss!'. You can score combos by getting 'Perfect!' and 'Great!' steps in
    succession - getting one of the others breaks this combo. An energy bar is
    located up the top of the screen. Getting 'Perfect!' or 'Great!' increases
    this, getting 'Boo!' or 'Miss!' decreases it. If it empties, you lose. At
    the end you are given a rating based on your stepping accuracy. An E is
    a fail. D is almost a fail. C is an average score. B is a good score. A
    means you made one or two mistakes and got a lot of great steps, or made
    several mistakes but generally got perfects. S means you missed one or two
    steps. SS means you got all perfect/great steps. This scoring system changes
    slightly in 3rd MIX - SS and S both mean you got all greats and perfects,
    however if you got mostly perfects you get an SS as opposed to an S for
    too many great steps. An A means you missed one or more steps. If you pass
    the song, you get to choose another. You ultimately get between 3 and 5
    songs (depending on what the settings are, and that's if you aren't playing
    two player on one credit).

    As you progress, the game's difficulty level will automatically become
    tougher - by the last stage, missing a step will penalize you severely. If
    you play in two player mode, only one player is required to pass the chosen
    stage for both of you to progress. If one player loses all his or her energy,
    but then gets a combo of around 40 or more, they will gradually start to
    receive energy back (but will most likely get a D or E overall). This means
    that if one player fails, but revives then the other one fails, you still
    continue playing. Each song is graded on the difficulty of the steps with
    a rating system which indicates the difficulty by footprint symbols. Songs
    are ranked between 1 foot 'Simple' songs and 8 foot 'Exhorbitant' songs (in
    3rd MIX, there are also 9 foot 'Catastrophic' songs and in 2nd MIX link
    ver. or on consoles, there are 'Step battle' songs given no rank. In these,
    each player creates their own step sequence of about 8 steps, then repeats
    it, then the first and second player's created sequences swap over and
    each player has to do the other player's sequence twice). The pace of the
    steps and the speed of the song can not be configured.

    1.2 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Do you know the lyrics to (insert song title here)?
    A. I might, but I suggest you check another FAQ for these. They are not
    included here because they're a waste of space, the FAQ is big enough as
    it is, and more often than not the lyrics freely available on the internet
    are horribly inaccurate (especially in the case of Jam Jam Reggae and
    Strictly Business!). This really irritates me for some reason. So I won't
    include any.

    Q. The Gameshark code to make DDR 3rd MIX work doesn't work! What's wrong?
    A. Two possibilities: One is that you're putting the code in as the master
    code - that won't work. The second is that you may need to put the code
    C1000000 0000 at the top of that code.

    Q. The Disc Swap mode doesn't work for me on any MIX! Why not?
    A. Disc Swapping does not work with an external modchip/gameshark device -
    you need a real modchip.

    Q. Why did Konami release the arcade style platforms only in limited
    quantities instead of mass producing them for cheaper?
    A. Note this answer isn't a fact, but it's a theory: The platforms are in
    actual fact the lighter Solo Bass platforms (apparently), and they may
    have had a few thousand spare machines. So where did the actual cabinets
    go to? Probably they were made into Para Para Paradise cabinets, which
    use the exact same design. DDR 4th MIX Solo machines may have been made
    seperately or only to order.

    Q1.The DDR platform at my local arcade seems a little dead and sometimes I
    could swear I got the step, but the game says I didn't! How can I fix
    Q2.The DDR platform at my local arcade has a mind of its own! Sometimes it
    gets steps on its own, and sometimes when I push the (insert direction
    here) arrow, nothing happens at all.
    A. Both of these questions are regarding similar problems: As you might
    expect, DDR platforms aren't invincible. Each floor panel has 4 sensors,
    one for each side. If one of these starts to wear out, it'll start saying
    it's being pressed when it actually isn't. This is the case in problem #2.
    If the button is already held down (or rather, the machine thinks it is),
    that means if you press the panel, it won't register the step. Meaning
    you'll miss. Usually a hard stomp will temporarily fix this.

    Problem #1 is similar: Some arcade operators will remove permanently
    crippled sensors altogether. There is an easy way to check for this, as
    suggested by Andrew Campbell: Simply with your hand, finger, foot, or
    whatever, lightly press on all 4 sides of each panel. If one side has no
    reinforcements, the sensor has been removed. This means if you step on
    this side while playing, nothing happens! Of course, it's usually the
    lower side which breaks first since it gets the most friction on it. If
    this is the case, there's little you can do but play on Player 2's side or
    play on another machine.

    NOTE: DDR Solo tier machines (Solo Bass Mix, Solo 2000, Solo 4th) have
    two sensors per panel, not four...because of this, they feel springier
    and register some steps differently.

    Q. The PSX DDR 4th MIX unlock code doesn't work! I've tried everything you
    A. Sorry, but that's just a small problem which hasn't been solved yet...
    for some people it just won't work like it's supposed to. As I don't have
    this problem I can't fix it. I suggest you try the following:

    * Try it on a friend's PSX using your cheat cart
    * Try it on your PSX using a friends cheat cart
    * Buy another cheap cheat cart from somewhere
    * If your PSX skips regularly, that's probably the problem, not the code

    Ultimately, the game is so buggy and the bugs seem to appear randomly in
    different copies, so it's quite possible that it's related to that.
    Unfortunately I cannot fix this if none of the above ideas work. Sorry!

    Q. My First MIX/2nd ReMIX edit data won't work in the arcade! Why not?
    A. The original PSX version of DDR and DDR 2nd ReMIX used a type of edit data
    called 'TYPE1'. All future versions INCLUDING 3rd MIX arcade and onwards
    use 'TYPE2'. To convert the data to 'TYPE2', load it up in DDR 2nd ReMIX,
    then re-save it as 'TYPE2'. 2nd ReMIX can save it as either, so always
    save as 'TYPE2'!

    Q. How do you get Emi to have no hat?
    A. It's a 25% random occurance. I've managed to get over 20 consecutive
    normal Emi's without getting hatless ones, though. For 4th MIX, you can
    use my GameShark code (see waay down the bottom of the FAQ), but it won't
    work on Extra MIX and I don't plan to convert it. It took hours to make as
    it is!

    Q. Petit Love doesn't appear to be in Extra MIX. Where did it go?
    A. Nobody knows, but the old rumor of Smile(.dk) not wanting their songs in
    DDR anymore resurfaced about the time of release. These last surfaced when
    3rd MIX came out in arcades, so they're probably no more true now than
    they were then...you got Dancing All Alone in 4th MIX, so consider it a

    One thing though: Konami didn't properly remove Petit Love from the game.
    A CD carousel image of it still exists on the DDR Extra MIX CD. If you
    dump the VRAM on the song select screen in all music mode, you will notice
    there are 51 CD's, not 50! It's probably not unlockable as Konami often
    leave useless supposedly removed graphic data in DDR's. In 4th MIX, the
    data bank was hidden in the VRAM. in 3rd, it was the 3 removed songs.
    It's highly unlikely that the audio and steps remain in the game.

    (this also explains why it isn't in 5th MIX! Don't say I didn't tell you
    last time!)

    Q. Will the Korean songs ever be in a home DDR game?
    A. No. The PSX versions are domestic Japanese releases, the arcade ones are
    domesticated in Japan, Korea and other places. Why would Konami include
    songs from Korea if it's not going to be sold there? They were only
    included to fight back against Pump It Up, anyway. Now Konami's lawsuit
    against the Andamiro corp. was successful, they're totally useless. Sorry,
    I'd like to have played them at home too, but they just have no reason to,
    being a corporation and all.

    Q. Will third party memory cards work on DDR?
    A. Yes, both on PSX and Arcade. As long as they are not bad quality, they
    will function great. Since Sony manufacture their memory cards rather
    poorly nowadays, it is seriously worth considering the cheaper alternative
    if there is one. Both my PSone style memory cards screwed up in less than
    a week. I'm still using two memory cards I got for $15 (about US$8) and
    I've never had a problem with them (they're by Joytech, if you want to
    know). I personally recommend not having two memory cards that look the
    same or you do tend to mix them up.

    Q. Is 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You (70's Mix) in DDR 3rd MIX?
    A. No. Often sites list this song in the 3rd MIX lineup for some reason,
    and I've even seen the MP3 around so it must be widespread. My only answer
    to how this occured is that someone mistook Bu Dam (from DDR 3rd Mix Korea
    ver.1 and onwards) for this song, as the two sound similar (ish) OR that
    it was removed from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX at the last minute. As
    CTMYOY (70's Mix) is on a DanceMania CD - one of the ones used for 3rd MIX
    nonetheless - it's highly possible that it was in DDR at one point. But
    then again, who knows?

    Q. Will there be more song unlock codes for 5th MIX?
    No. The secret songs have been known since the game came out in Japan,
    thanks to hackers. Some people even hacked out the steps and made step
    charts for the songs, without knowing what song they went with.
    Unfortunately when I first learnt of the secret songs well before anyone
    else I know or any website be it in Australia or SoCal, no other songs
    were mentioned. For your information, my source was/is www.nissie.com.

    Q. Is there an English version of Dive?
    A. Yes - in Beatmania IIdx 6th Style, there is a song named Dive ~Into Your
    Heart~ sung by Paula Terry - however, it's rather lame in comparison to
    the Japanese version. Lyrics and even the music itself have changed
    dramatically, resulting in it feeling rather 'tacked on' (ie, like it
    wasn't supposed to be that way - even though it was composed before it
    was written). Could have been better, but Paula Terry's voice is barely
    audible in it!

    Q. Are there any songs from any other Bemani games in DDR?
    A. Yes. 20 November, The 4 hidden songs in 3rd MIX, all the hidden songs in
    4th MIX and all the hidden songs in 5th MIX are from Beatmania IIdx.
    Broken My Heart and Afronova Primeval both were in DanceManiaX (I'm pretty
    sure Broken My Heart was in Beatmania IIdx first, but Konami says DMX, so
    I won't argue...). Luv This Feelin' was in Guitar Freaks, but was
    different to the DDR version and it was in DDR first. Finally, Hypnotic
    Crisis is a remix of Hypnotica (also from Guitar Freaks).

    2 . 0 A r c a d e O p e r a t i o n

    The arcade machines feature 4 arrows to step on per side, 2 selection buttons
    per side, and a start button as standard. This type of setup is featured in
    the US, Europe and World versions of DDR (such as Dancing Stage, the Europe/
    World version). Some of the Japanese cabinets also feature memory card slots
    (such as 3rd MIX) - you can insert PSX memory cards in here and save your
    data. Also, DDR Solo and DDR Solo 2000 feature a single platform to dance on
    and have 6 arrows instead of 4 - they feature 2 upward diagonal arrows. The
    basic operation is as follows: You insert your coin. Use the selection buttons
    to input any codes desired (more on those later). Press the start button.
    On Japanese versions of the game, select a game mode using the selection
    buttons and the start button. Then, on all versions, select your song using
    the selection buttons and the start button. Codes must be entered using
    the arrows if you wish to use them. On most DDR machines in the US, Europe
    and Australasia, you get 3-5 songs per game (this is preset by the operator),
    and the game will not end instantly if your energy bar is fully depleted.
    On most Japanese versions of the game, you -do- end the game instantly upon
    losing all your energy unless if someone else is playing. The game costs
    the same to play as most sit-down or special cabinet games (Sega Rally 2
    and so forth).

    2.1 Using Your Memory Card on 3rd MIX Arcade

    If you have access to a 3rd MIX machine and you own 2nd ReMIX, you will
    want to bring your memory card with you when you play it. You can save
    your scores to it, for one. Also, using 2nd ReMIX, you can create Nonstop
    mode data for 3rd MIX in the Non-Stop Order menu on 2nd ReMIX. (see the
    GameShark code section for some extra info on this!) Also, if you save edit
    data in _2nd ReMIX format_, you can use that on the arcade version if you
    play in 2nd MIX mode. Holding down Start when you select a song on 2nd MIX
    will show special edit data stored in the machine - these steps are also
    hidden in the Dreamcast version. Well, most of 'em. They begin with 'PF-'
    and the description is something like 'House Edit Data'. No new data is
    shown on 3rd MIX songs with the exclusion of Let Them Move, Keep on Movin'
    and 20, November, which allow you to do the steps from their 2nd ReMIX
    equivilants. Also, if you have paint data, it finally has a use -
    press both selection buttons and start, and hold them down when the
    game loads from the memory card. You can press the selection button/s in
    the game to change the arrows to the ones you set if you do this. The
    memory card has no further use. When inserting the card, watch the bottom
    left corner - it should say 'INSERTED' then 'READY' in white text if the
    slot works and the memory card is not corrupt. It will also indicate if you
    have removed it. Do not remove then insert the memory card too soon or the
    game will not register it. After you have saved the data to the card
    (it will say in english 'Now SAVING to Memory Card' down the bottom, I
    believe), another screen entirely in Japanese comes up - this is just
    reminding you to remove the card before you leave the game. Oh, one last
    thing - DDR 3rd MIX does NOT save your Nonstop mode records. Bummer. At
    least it saves 2nd and 3rd MIX data, as well as SSR...also note, do not
    insert your memory card during the game or even the music select screens.
    This will freeze the game...at least until you remove the card. (perhaps
    it is reading from the card when it freezes?) If you see 'MEMORY CARD ERROR'
    appearing in white text in the corner where memory card info is displayed,
    remove the card. Do NOT reinsert it for the duration of the _current_ game.
    Trying to do this will result in the word 'DANGER!' appearing in red text
    in the bottom corner. Although this may not do permanent damage, it's not
    a good sight.

    Any edit data made for The Race or In The Navy '99 with 2nd ReMIX
    will work in the 3rd MIX mode of the 3rd MIX arcade machine. Finally,
    3rd MIX on PSX has almost no features to use with the arcade version. You
    cannot view your arcade records on the PSX 3rd MIX. You CAN edit Nonstop
    data. You CAN make new steps for 3rd MIX and some 2nd MIX songs. You CAN use
    the paint feature. But that's all...

    2.2 Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX Korea ver.

    The Korean version differs from the regular Japanese version in the
    following ways:

    * It says "Korea ver.' on the title screen.
    * Charmy has allumiunium tights, presumably cos' her panties were visible
    in the Japanese version (and aren't now).
    * Many Korean songs added, most of which were in the Pump It Up series.
    (many people in Korea think DDR isn't as good because it doesn't have
    modern hit songs in it, only old stuff like That's The Way (I Like It).
    Obviously the people who think that haven't played it recently!) The
    Korean songs are situated between the special song you get based on
    your character, and Upside Down.
    * It's worth noting that there are more Korean songs in this than in
    3rd MIX Plus or 4th MIX - many more! (they're roughly on par with
    2nd MIX song difficulties, but they don't get anywhere near as hard)
    * The writing on the cabinet is in Korean, not Japanese.
    * The warning screen is in English (albeit poor English).
    * Step Step Revolution mode seems harder to access, although the code
    is the same (it seems to need you to push it faster)
    * Xanadu was removed from the game as the artists (The Olivia Project)
    were not happy with the mix (or so I heard). It Only Takes a Minute
    ~Extended Remix~ and Follow The Sun ~90 In The Shade Mix~ are still
    in the game. Also, Get Up and Dance, and Get Up were removed. There's
    probably more I haven't noticed.
    * Nonstop mode was changed a little bit.
    * The memory card slot is gone (is this only on some cabinets? Or did
    some arcades just upgrade 2nd MIX?), but the software hasn't been
    reprogrammed accordingly and trying to access edit data reports
    a 'no memory card found' type error. Was this removed due to the
    Korean songs being there, or since DDR on PSX isn't sold in Korea?
    * Two versions of the Korean DDR appear to exist. The most common version
    these days is caled 'Korea ver.2', although many places in the past got
    ver.1 as a cheap alternative to the Japanese DDR 3rd MIX. The only
    difference in the two is ver.2 is full of Korean songs as well (some of
    which made it into 3rd MIX Plus, 4th MIX and 4th MIX Plus, obviously).
    Thanks to Inuki for reminding me of this...I had long since forgotten
    ramblings of SoCal players a year ago...hehe...

    2.3 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX

    The latest arcade version (4th MIX Plus has been announced, so this'll
    sound really stupid in a few months time because I -will- forge to change
    that line, you watch!) has quite a different interface. Here's some of
    the changes:

    * ALL menus appear to now run in high resolution (like the 3rd MIX PSX
    menus). This provides an interesting effect. The in-game resolution remains
    unchanged, although on It Only Takes A Minute (Remix) I noticed the
    background shrunk to ¬ then 1/8 of the normal size...which suggests that
    it is high resolution, as it didn't become pixelated.
    * Two versions exist: The most common is the regular DDR 3rd MIX style
    cabinet (4 arrows, 2 players), but a 'solo' style cabinet also exists
    (ie 6 buttons, 1 player unless linked). The 6 button one may be linkable
    with other 6 button machines (I haven't seen one, but if so, I assume this
    would be done via your usual 10base2 cable or ethernet cable or whatnot).
    If this feature is in the game, netplay might also be available for
    tournaments (a feature becoming common in games: A T1 connection is usually
    * Single, Double and Versus can be selected from the same menu which asks
    you if you'd like link play. This is good because you're far less likely
    to end up playing Versus mode by yourself instead of Double! (I did find
    that I didn't have enough time to put in more tokens for double mode once)
    But it's still possible, though. I've done it already. :)
    * SSR is called Maniac again. Song difficulty is selected after the song,
    a lot like how you could hold in the button to choose memory card data
    before. Another is also named Trick, like in the World versions of DDR 1.5
    and the Korean version of 3rd MIX. All former SSR songs are now called
    * Holding down the button as mentioned above still chooses memory card data.
    Choosing PF-BITCH is quite nasty because it prints the data title in
    MASSIVE letters now.
    * Most obviously, the songs are catorgorized now into groups of 30 or so.
    No 'All Music' mode appears to exist, but may in 4th MIX Plus.
    * 136 songs total. (source: my memory card with nonstop data on it)
    * Less obviously, the catergory determines who the dancing 'model' is. Two
    new types of Konsento seem to exist, both for Konami Original songs...
    but one has a deceiving name, like 'Robo2000' or something. Devil Zukin is
    still in this, but there's also a 'Maid Zukin'. Cute :P (NB: The Konsento
    for Konami Original Side B (or whatever the course is called) is actually
    'Konsento 3«'.)
    * A personal favourite: The trippy background effects are a LOT trippier.
    Trip Machine Climax made me nauseous. Seriously! (so did Paranoia :P)
    * Banners for Korean songs are in English, however the backgrounds themselves
    remain unchanged. Some still are in Korean, actually...but most aren't.
    * Xanadu is back in the game, as are It Only Takes A Minute ~Extended Remix~
    and Follow The Sun ~90 In The Shade Mix~, and anything else removed for the
    Korean version, but Strictly Business is gone forever :( (I liked that
    song! Good for performance play!)
    * Another song has been removed too: So Many Men by Me & My. Big whoop. :P
    * The announcer voices are almost identical to 3rd MIX, however some phrases
    are re-recorded and it features a few 'new' ones, some definately stolen
    from the DDR 3rd Mix Nonstop Megamix CD. ("You're a dancing hero!") Also
    note that there are now phrases even lamer than "Your dance was so great!
    It's like sunshine on a cloudy day!" - there's one that is REALLY bad...
    "I can see a dream in your dance. I can see tomorrow in your dance! We can
    call it, our hope!" - I mean, $@*$#@$#*&!!! WTF are Konami trying to do?
    Make us vomit? It sounds like it's from a _really_ bad movie. Like maybe
    R.O.T.O.R. (don't ask :P). Is it just us or do Japanese people find this
    corny stuff repulsive too?
    * The scoring method is similar or identical to 2nd MIX (I can't tell). This
    may mean the high scores are back to in-game totals, not nonstop totals,
    but I didn't see any high scores... (the scoring system SEEMS to be more
    generous than 2nd MIX, but like I said, I can't tell!)
    * Likewise, the rankings are changed. It appears to match the US and Euromix
    versions: I got a lot of B's when I only got one good and the rest were
    great+perfect (and a large percentage of perfects, too). A replaces
    S/SS/SSS. It's very hard to get a D. I don't know what replaces SSS, but
    the difference between S/SS is non-existant once again. A is one and the
    * The announcer seems to give 3rd MIX S/SS type praise for B's and C's as
    * The songs are easier overall. These 3 factors put together (see the two
    above) make this game MUCH easier for beginners, and drastically reduce
    the lifespan of the game.
    * I have no idea why, but some built-in edit data was removed! It only seems
    to be alternate steps from previous versions of DDR (I noticed Kung Fu
    Fighting's old 'hard' mode steps were gone, for example). 2nd MIX data is
    still there (ie Keep On Movin'), as does Club Mix data (Paranoia Max and
    Brilliant 2U). All the 'PF-*****' data remains, however. Thank god! :)
    * Some Naoki songs appear to be performed by two entirely different people
    to before - except for the ones from the Solo series (Can't Stop Fallin'
    In Love, Hysteria) and Love Again Tonight (which is by Naoki featuring
    Paula Terry). There's a perfectly obvious explanation for this. See section
    * Nonstop mode is accessable through Link mode.
    * Couple/Unison mode is replaced by Battle mode. In this, a single set of
    arrows (like Unison mode) splits into two columns (like Couple mode). Only
    one set of Battle songs are available for each song, though. To get Battle
    mode songs, choose versus mode then push the down arrow twice when you
    select the difficulty of the song.
    * Internet Ranking will give you a password if you have no memory card. If
    you have one, it saves to the memory card. The game won't give you one if
    you aren't good enough. (see the memory card info below)
    * How does paint data load? To my knowledge, it doesn't...
    * You can create edit data for any song in 4th MIX or 4th MIX Plus by editing
    a saved edit data set from 4th MIX manually. 4th MIX has unique checksums,
    like 3rd MIX did, so you can't just use 3rd MIX saves. By editing it
    manually you could make edit data for, say, Drop Out!
    * Exactly ¬ of the time, Emi has no hat.

    Since the 4th MIX memory card feature is so damn confusing (and annoying -
    Konami, why is there no arcade records anymore?), I'll save everyone the
    confusion and tell you all here how to use the memory card on 4th MIX!

    (Note: The machine constantly loads from the memory card slot to check a
    memory card is still there or still not there.)

    1. Save some data from DDR 3rd MIX on PSX to your memory card. Anything at
    2. Take it to the arcade and shove it in the 4th MIX machine. The game will
    default to link mode with the memory card in it, as only this mode uses
    it (damn! You can't play for Records anymore!). Play anything in Link mode
    and um...I think you're not allowed to get Game Over, either. It'll load
    the memory card then briefly save to it once and only once. For now, the
    only purpose the memory card has is for edit data. It's okay if you
    insert the cards on the mode select screen (link/main mode, that is) - it
    doesn't load until you select single, versus or double.
    3. Take it back home and shove it in your PSX. Go to Options, then Memory
    Card Option(s), Then Create Link Data. Also note it's added some info
    in Information - this just tells you to do what I just told you to do.
    Note that even though you could unlock Create Link Data with a Gameshark
    code, it wouldn't work alone - it appears that the arcade machine does
    something else to the saves too. Probably some kind of 'flag'.
    4. Take it back to the arcade again. And do something there. Anything should
    work, as long as it's in Link Mode. After the game ends, it'll save for
    a while, load for a few seconds, then save for another second or so.
    It's then safe to remove the memory card. It SHOULD save all Internet
    Ranking scores, but it doesn't seem to for me...
    5. Take it back home and shove it in the PSX and now you can make Nonstop
    courses! For me, the 'Create Link Data' option appeared as 'NEW!' again,
    as well as the same page in information, however in the information page
    it said some info about what to do with your newfound data, which is all
    about the Nonstop feature. It mentions the number 136, which I assume is
    the total number of songs in 4th MIX...also, with edit data, you can use
    both memory card slots for a 1 player game, however, Nonstop order only
    works with one memory card per player.
    6. Take it back to the arcade and shove it up the machine again. I'm in a
    very shoving mood today. You can now play Nonstop stuff, at the expense
    of 3 days and travel costs!

    7. Whenever you do an Internet Ranking game, and you get an A on a song or
    an otherwise high score, the game will save the IR password to your card
    at the end of the game, along with the date, score and mode
    (single/double). This is view in the Information menu under Link Data. I
    don't know what Records does - it has some requirement that I don't know
    about. However, to get an Internet Ranking password/save, you require
    approximately 80% of the maximum _SCORE_. This means if you break the
    combo up, do it near the beginning or near the end! There is no mimimum
    score like 100 million for each song. It's about 80% of the maximum per
    song. (on some of the easier songs you won't get near 100 million if you
    get all perfects even)

    NOTE! To get all the songs for Nonstop Data, you have to play in link mode
    for a while. The more songs you do, the more that becomes available (no,
    it's not do each song and you get it; more like play once and get 30 or
    something big like that)

    The Pocketstation can be used to bypass most of these steps with the use
    of some software. The most up to date version of this software can be found
    at www.nissie.com in the 'PK Room' link. A similar program exists for 3rd
    MIX, but I don't have software for it nor can I test it because there's no
    3rd MIX Japanese machines for 50km! The convenience of having this means
    you can set your order at the arcade without having to go home - not to
    mention you probably don't need to play the game repeated times to get all
    the songs.

    All that's required to use this Nonstop Order Editor is the Pocketstation,
    and both saves for 3rd MIX (or 4th MIX?) and the link data on the
    Pocketstation. The menus are in English, but the Pocketstation isn't. See the
    Pocketstaiton guide in this FAQ for info!

    2.35 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX Operator Settings

    An arcade operator or someone else with access to the settings menu (which
    is basically software dip-switch settings) can reconfigure the game, as
    well as other things. To access this menu, open up the operator box above the
    coin box (the coin slot is built into the box you want). There's a service
    button inside here which activates the menu. Make sure you don't push the
    coin trigger by mistake! (note I haven't actually seen or done this myself,
    but it's a common arcade game schematic) A large amount of this info has
    been contributed by Dvae Van Horn, so thank you very much for that!

    I know from the bootup sequence that the game HAS got a CD/CD-ROM in it,
    and I also know this from upgrade kits, however I'm fairly certain it's just
    used to store data en masse...DDR takes about 3-5 minutes to initialize,
    and the music never skips...one section uses the traditional Konami countdown
    sort of (first used in Gradius probably because it stored on a tape drive or
    something). Except the game counts UP, and not to 99, but to about 160 or

    Main Menu

    I/O Check
    - Controller check. Allows operator to manually check all 4 directions
    on both sides, the select buttons, the start buttons, the coin1
    trigger, and the test and service mode buttons (which probably work
    if you got into this :P). Note the directional buttons have 4 sensors each
    in them, so when checking the buttons, check all the sensors work (one on
    each side). It will display if they do or not on screen. Like most arcade
    machines, especially ones without joysticks, this is probably the screen
    you'll be looking at most.

    NOTE: Solo machines have only 2 sensors per panel. Normal machines
    definately have 4. If a left/right panel has the left/right sensor broken
    (the outside one), don't worry about it unless if you need it for double.
    There is also a slight delay between the steps and the screen update -
    this is immediately obvious if you test the selection buttons! Pressing
    both start buttons exits this menu.
    Screen Check
    - The generic screen alignment hash pattern test which is in all Konami
    games. I thought it was identical, but in actual fact it's SLIGHTLY more
    fancy than the generic Konami one. Braaaaaaaavooooooo!
    * Also note that the test button should act as a degausser in case you get
    screen burn. This feature works on Solo and Normal machines, but not in
    all models. It is present in 3rd MIX machines and onwards, as well as
    perhaps older ones. Very useful!
    Color Check
    - Displays a RGB color palette to allow operator to check for monitor
    malfunction (manually).
    Flash ROM Check
    - Checks to see if Flash ROM is available and/or corrupt. See Memory Card
    Options for related options and information. (Flash ROM is similar to
    RAM; a user can write to it. In DDR, edit data is stored on it)
    Dip Switch Check
    - Reports status of all hardware dip switch settings. (dip switches are
    a series of switches on a PCB which are set to on/off, and their positions
    can define some essential options such as reigon, control type, etc) If
    it's possible to access (and safefly at that) the dipswitches while in
    this menu, you could check their effects in realtime.
    CG Check
    - Displays two texture mapped 3D rotating cubes.
    Memory Card Options
    Game Options
    Difficulty Level [def. 4]
    - 1 (Easiest) to 8 (Hardest)
    Max Stage [def. 3]
    - Number of stages in main game (1 to 5)
    Max Stage(Nonstop) [def. 4]
    - Number of stages in nonstop game (2 to 5)
    Clear Player's Tendency
    - Resets the songs in the "Player's Best" category, which is generated
    from the 30 most popular songs (20 of which must be new songs, the
    other 10 are from previous DDRs). Songs picked in Internet Ranking/
    Link mode do not accumulate in this counter.
    Sound Options
    Atrract Mode Sound [def on]
    - Disables/enables sound on demo screens.
    Sound Scale Check
    - Runs a sound scale through the speakers.
    Stereo/Mono [def Stereo/Stereo Only]
    - On some machines appears to be locked to Stereo (Solo machines?)

    Coin Options
    Free Play [def. off]
    - Allows game to be played for free. Enabling this disables the other
    two options (on/off)
    Coin Slot1 [def. 2 coin/1 credit]
    - Defines how many coins it takes to get how many credits.
    (16 coin/1 credit - 1 coin/1 credit - 1 coin/4 credit)
    Joint Game Premium [def. off]
    - Allows two players to play for the same price as one and get the same
    number of stages. Also affects double mode.
    - Not present on Solo machines
    - Records the income the machine has generated on a day by day basis. Resets
    when the machine is turned off.
    Lamp Check
    - Tests the 4 lamps up the top, the neon tubes in the bass speakers, the
    stage lights and the select/start button lights.
    All Factory Settings
    - Restores all settings to what they were when manufactured (ie, default).
    Game Mode
    - Returns to the game itself (exit menu).

    Memory Card Options

    Memory Card Check
    - Checks if a memory card is present in the 1P slot, and if it's
    correctly formatted.
    Flash Card Check
    - Checks for a flash card. Probably also checks if it works.
    Use Memory Card [def off?]
    - Does the game check if a Memory Card is in? (This should be turned
    off if the cabinet has no slot for it! Probably set off by default
    because of this)
    Use Flash Card [def on]
    - Enables any edit data stored to the Flash Card.

    Store Edit Data
    - Stores edit data from the 1P memory card slot (if a card is
    inserted) to the machine. If it has trouble detecting it, it
    will request if you wish to try again (def no). Press any of the
    2P start/select buttons to change to yes and keep hammering
    1P start until it accepts, because it's a bit dodgy. After it's
    loaded, it's as simple as highlighting your edit data and pressing
    start. Wait 3 seconds for it to work...you can store up to 8
    edits per song, however I have never seen more than 4. WARNING:
    Do not save any over existing Konami edit names (eg PF-PARAS for
    Paranoia MAX). It will load that one instead of the real one
    when selected! This can be a very evil trick to play on people
    Delete Edit Data
    - Deletes any edit data on the Flash Card. Allows you to select what
    to delete. All edit data is categorized by song. You are asked
    for confirmation as well.
    Clear Edit Data
    - Erases all edit data on the Flash Card.

    Factory Setting
    - Resets everything to default.
    Save And Exit
    - Cancel changes.

    Edit steps can take up as little as 8kb each, so it's unlikely
    the machine will ever fill up. The machine only scans the memory card in slot
    1. If you go to 'Add Memory card' (or something like that) another menu
    will come up displaying the songs, the data's name, and if it's single or
    double. The rest is pretty easy to figure out.

    (Note that you seem to need some kind of memory plugin to save data, and the
    machine might not be standardly sold with it)

    The secrets menu allows you to unlock the following songs:
    - If You Were Here ~B4 Za Beat Mix~
    - Dam Dariam (KCP Mix)
    - Hero (Happy Grandale Mix)
    - Let's Talk It Over
    - Leading Cyber
    - .59
    - Holic
    - Era (nostalmix)
    - Never Let You Down
    - Make Your Move
    - Don't Stop! ~AMD 2nd MIX~
    - Get Me In Your Sight ~AMD Cancun MIX~

    You will require a password - I used to provide it here, but I've since
    been informed that Konami require some sort of fee for this. If you want to
    know it, it's on heaps of websites so it's not hard to find. But don't ask
    me for it cos' I haven't got a clue what it is...that's why I wrote it here,
    see! The codes are not on Konami's site, therefore they are not here.

    2.4 Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX

    Finally our arcade got the machine so I've gotten a decent look/play at 5th
    MIX. Here are the changes:

    * Many songs from 1st MIX-3rd MIX Plus are gone, only about 15 remain. A poll
    was taken to decide which ones would stay - Dynamite Rave came first, and
    thus became one of the long versions of the songs. (Dam Dariam came second)
    * Higher framerate due to no transparencies or similar tricks used - note
    that the 'Demonstration' screen which has 'Demonstration' blinking with
    transparancies has a nasty mysterious black bar down the bottom. Thus, 95%
    of the old images used transparently are gone. The game is NOT in high
    resolution contrary to popular belief...
    * You cannot select Double mode or Versus mode on one credit anymore. This
    might be an option in the settings menu...
    * Rankings are changed once again. It is now like 2nd MIX in a way - D-A
    means you missed a step or more, AA means you max combo'd the song. AAA
    means you missed no steps and got all perfects.
    * Songs are all in one category, and can be sorted. You only have 17 seconds
    to choose a song, but if you change song intermittantly before the timer
    can count down, you can get a lot longer out of it!
    * Song order can be rearranged by holding down the selection arrows (< and >)
    and pressing start ([]). The top left corner displays the sort method.
    * The Beats Per Minute (BPM) is displayed next to the song sort method as
    mentioned above. If it is red and changes, the song changes speed during
    the song. It does not appear to indicate if it stops. If it is red, it will
    change through the maximum and middle speeds, and NOT speeds in between!
    * Easy songs (1-2 foot Basic) are marked with a yellow and green icon. This
    I believed is a Japanese Learners Permit or similar icon indicating a
    Learner Driver (as seen in Gran Turismo 2 when you import a Gran Turismo 1
    * High scores are saved to the machine once again. Unfortunately there is
    no Nonstop mode or anything, meaning you could do Matsuri Japan over and
    over and get the highest score simply by being good at one song.
    * Scoring is now done in a manner similar to 3rd MIX and 2nd/4th MIX:
    there is a maximum overall score, not a multiplier based on combo. However
    the maximum score is different for each song (not 10 million like 3rd MIX).
    If you missed a step in the middle of a hard song and max comboed it, you
    would get more points than if you max comboed an easy song. The Max Combo
    is given as a bonus - Kupster@RTF thinks this bonus is based on the length
    of time that your energy bar was full for the song. This theory has yet to
    be proven or disproven.
    * Scores and ranking can be saved to memory card like 3rd MIX. Kupster@RTF
    points out that the high scores will save an A over an AA if the _score_
    is better, not grade. If scores do not save, see bugs below. When you get
    a new score, it flashes "It's new record!" (sic) in your bottom corner.
    Your current score and rank are displayed in the bottom left corner and
    next to the song title respectively. The first player's score is green/blue
    and the second player's is orange.
    * You can save your initials to memory card so the game automatically inputs
    them for you.
    * The memory card has to be inserted before game mode is selected.
    * Saint Goes Marching (Remix) has been removed.
    * An event mode is concealed in the Operator Settings and cannot be selected
    unless if you do something... (I won't tell you how to get it so there! It
    is a secret, I'm afraid!)
    * Only one code for hidden songs was released this time, however it is not
    private and is freely available on Konami's website!


    * 5th MIX songs in Extra MIX have slightly different timing to the arcade
    counterparts and are 1-2 bars early. This is unnoticable unless you make
    edit data, which will be massively desynched in the arcade. This bug does
    not affect 4th MIX Plus songs, but may affect Wild Rush as an identical
    bug was present in 4th MIX/Extra MIX for this song. In 5th MIX though,
    this appears to be little more than a method of making you want to buy the
    PSX version of 5th MIX when it comes out! Here is an up to date list of
    songs, and how much slower they are on the arcade. Move the song steps up
    this much to fix them.

    Broken My Heart - 1 bar/s slow
    Dive - 1 bar/s slow
    Remember You - 1 bar/s slow
    Sky High (Lucyfer) - 2 bar/s fast
    Wild Rush - 1 bar/s slow

    Regarding Sky High, on the PSX the arrows start as soon as the music does,
    but in arcade they start a little later.

    UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN IT IS DONE SAVING! The game saves the song list to
    memory card, and if you remove it, not all songs will record names and
    thus you cannot get scores for them! If this happens, you must wipe the
    save. This may also screw up your automatic initials.
    * On Double Mode, instead of displaying 'STAGE FINAL' up the top during play
    it displays 'STAGE FIN'. This is just a programming bug and does not affect

    2.5 DDRMAX

    Also known as Dance Dance Revolution 6th MIX, but this title is probably
    incorrect. DDRMAX is an overhaul of the DDR series, like Beatmania IIdx did
    when it introduced the 7 keys to Beatmania's 5 (or Beatmania III's 5 and 1
    pedal - which makes it Finger Drummania!). DDRMAX introduces the following
    gameplay changes (a question mark indicates this is _suspected_, not known):

    * Selectable arrow scroll speed
    * Optional speed boost for song (?)
    * The Freeze arrow: Similar to ParaPara Paradise and Keyboardmania, it
    requires you hold down the arrow until it stops!
    * Similar to DDR 2nd MIX, harder songs are only playable if you do well
    earlier on
    * Option to make arrows scroll down instead of up (like DDR Solo)
    * An Extra stage a-la Drummania and Guitar Freaks - do well enough (machine
    difficulty dependent) and you get an extra song, MAX 300, which is 300bpm,
    full of freezes and scrolls down by default
    * Songs are ranked similar to Drummania (1st MIX) and to this FAQ: instead of
    a foot rating, a graph is displayed showing the randomness of the steps,
    jumping technique, freeze steps, etc. in that difficulty of the song.
    * Other than that and the latest Be For U song, no new Konami Original Mix
    songs are present - but all songs 4th PSX and 5th PSX are in it.

    3 . 0 C o n s o l e O p e r a t i o n

    All console versions are played via a plastic mat roughly of the same size as
    the arcade version's platform pad. These weigh quite a bit besides being
    completely foldable, and will cost a fair amount in postage. The game is
    essentially operated in the same way, however there are no selection arrows
    and the start button is located on the mat. Also, all codes are entered via
    a special popup menu which appears if you push Select/the Konami button,
    which is located on the top left of the mat. The Menus are straightforward.
    Also note in the controller settings, in one menu ('Dance Play Settings' I
    think) it has the options 'Controller 1' and 'Controller 2' which can be
    toggled off. These do NOT disable the controllers themselves - just the
    X, O, triangle and square buttons. This may be of immense help to ameteur
    DDR players. Any questions regarding the menus are welcome - email me at
    the address at the top of the FAQ. The following are some home version only

    3.1 Dance Dance Revolution

    The original DDR game features 'Arrange Mode' where you are penalised for
    standing on arrows if there is no arrow on screen. This 'Ouch!' damage is
    more damaging to your energy than a 'Miss!', so beware! Some songs in this
    are not in the older/original US and UK arcade versions. It's quite dated
    now, and the only reason to buy it is if you either want the whole collection
    of DDR's or if you _really_ like Strictly Business. And fair enough if you
    do. This version has a nasty feature where if the CD skips, you automatically
    fail! In 2nd ReMIX the music just stops but the game continues, and in 3rd
    MIX it tries to reload the music (and it doesn't become out of sync either!).
    This can be VERY annoying if your Playstation is old like mine. Also, there
    are only 9 combinations of modes which require codes to be put in to enable
    them. There's no hidden, sudden, stealth, vivid or shuffle modes. The Records
    menu is cumbersome. 'Arrange Mode' is more annoying than fun. Still, a decent
    package in its own right, but better options are available. Buy it if it's
    the easiest one to get or the cheapest one to get.

    3.2 Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX and 2nd MIX

    Both versions feature Edit mode, Paint mode, Endless mode, Non-Stop
    Revolution mode, Bonus Tracks, some songs not in the arcade versions,
    and add-on disc support. New songs include 'Think Ya Better D', 'Trip Machine
    ~Luv Mix~ and 'Love This Feelin''. US and UK version players will notice
    many 'new' songs. The PSX version features 2 'Trial' songs. The DC version
    features 8 songs from 3rd MIX (including the 2 'Trial' songs in the PSX
    version). The DC version also has special edit data built-in the game. DDR
    2nd ReMIX saved data can be used with 3rd MIX in the arcade and scores
    will be recorded to your memory card if used on that machine.

    Tips and Tricks:

    * The 'User Support' option in Memory Card will enable all hidden features
    in the original DDR game.
    * In Dance Play settings under Controller Options, disable Controller 1 if
    you use a mat in that port - it'll turn off X, O, Triangle and Square.
    (or, on the DC, that's X, Y, A, B)
    * Dreamcast users: When you get an option called 'DC Edit Data', enable it.
    Every so often you'll unlock new steps for the songs - some hard, some
    easy. All different. (the edit data for Little Bitch is an absolute bitch!)
    * PSX Users: If you play 3rd MIX arcade on Nonstop mode on a Ranking course,
    and get a good score, it'll save your score to the memory card along with
    the date and the number it gave you!
    * Your overall mark for the song loosely depends on these factors:
    SS: All perfect and great steps.
    S: Mostly perfect or great steps. Not -too- many greats, though. Too
    many is probably about 30-40% or more.
    A: Mostly perfect or great steps, with less perfects/greats than
    required for S, or maybe a few more Boos/Misses.
    B: Good mark. Given for a flawed dance which you kept under control
    (more or less).
    C: Typical mark. In between B and D, basically.
    D: Nasty mark. If you got this you screwed up at least one part of
    the song! You probably only barely made it to the end, too.
    E: Fail.
    * Difficulty can be selected via two ways: Push D, D or U, U before you
    select game mode (Easy, Normal, Hard, All Music), or by pushing Select (or
    the Konami logo/Analog stick on the DC mat/joypad) and selecting difficulty
    on the top option by pushing left and right.
    * The second option down on the above mentioned menu is Little mode (on/off).
    This removes all half and 1/4 steps, even if there's no other steps before
    them. The third option down is sequence pattern modifiers (left mode, right
    mode, shuffle mode, mirror mode, off). To find what these do, check the
    arcade version commands in section 8.1. The last option is Hidden mode
    (on/off). This makes arrows disappear halfway up the screen.

    3.3 Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX

    The first thing to note is PAL users will have trouble with this game -
    due to technical details, the steps will be slower than the music on a PAL
    machine. This also features Diet mode, Endless mode, a lame PocketStation
    feature, special optional backgrounds, 3rd ReMIX mode and you can play the
    previous DDR games using their CD's with the graphics from this one. Also
    features 16 songs from 2nd MIX, 4 new songs and 2 'Trial' songs. 3rd MIX
    saved data works with 4th MIX arcade in 'link' mode, as 2nd ReMIX had done so
    with its arcade successor (3rd MIX Arc), however it will also show additional
    information, and possibly more features yet to be discovered.

    One interesting note that nobody's noticed - in the intro movie, two
    sentences flash up on the screen occasionally. Everyone sees the first one
    - "Can you feel it?" - because it's in the background music too. Nobody has
    ever noticed the second one which says "you can play Let's enjyoi!" - which
    is about as funny as 2nd MIX Dreamcast Edition's "Give me a cool stuff!"!

    Tips and Tricks:

    * Try the 'User Support' option to unlock all hidden features on the
    previous DDR games if you haven't gotten them all.
    * If you have Konami Edit Data switched on in the music menu, you can play
    special versions of some songs (the original Butterfly steps for Butterfly
    ~Upswing Mix~ for example). (flashing blocks in the top left when choosing
    a song indicate it's got Konami Edit data - black blocks indicate there's
    data in another mode (Double or Single/Versus, that is)
    * Konami Internet Ranking scores are all around 99 million, so if you don't
    get that much, don't bother looking to see if it's good enough. (possible
    exception for SSR mode - I didn't check)
    * In Dance Play settings under Controller Options, disable Controller 1 if
    you use a mat in that port - it'll turn off X, O, Triangle and Square.
    * If you go to the arcade or have some edit data for 2nd ReMIX, load it
    up in 3rd MIX and resave it. You can set a number of feet and difficulty
    level (Basic/Another/Maniac/SSR). I haven't tested this on 2nd ReMIX to
    see if the steps still work with that...so...next version :) (note that
    the number of feet and difficulty will NOT show up on the arcade version!)
    * Your energy bar can be seperated into 4 sections:
    1. Awful - Red section. Announcer says things like "Your moves are
    lame!", "You're not following the music!", "Danger!
    DANGER!", "Oh no! You're dangerous!" and "No good!". You
    will get booing sounds at this point.
    2. Poor - Light blue section. Announcer asks rhetorical questions a
    lot like "Are you having trouble with your feet?", "Did
    you have breakfast today?", "Are you okay?" and "Are your
    legs okay?". Also says "Not good!" - don't mix this with
    "No good!" which is said if your bar is in the red. There
    probably won't be any booing (I never had any). If you go
    up into this from the red part (Awful), then you'll get
    a cheer. (the announcer's sayings are same in both
    home and arcade, however he seems to say the same things
    more often on the home version)
    3. Good - Green. Announcer says things like "I'm getting excited!",
    "Everybody is cheeeerinnnnng!", "The crowd LOVES you!",
    "You are awesome!", "Yeah, do it!", "Amigo!", "Take my
    heart away!" and so forth. You'll get cheering sounds
    4. Great - Yellow portion of the bar. The announcer says things like
    "Fujiyama!", "You're a dance animal!", "What technique!",
    "You suprise us all!", "Wow! You are too cool!", "This is
    the best show I've ever seen!" and "I was moved!". You
    also get regular cheering.
    5. Great - On SSR mode only, sometimes the announcer will say "Are
    you an alien?" when your bar is full. (I don't know if
    this occurs on SSR songs in 3rd ReMIX mode on PSX)
    While 3. and 4. might be the same, during testing I got different sounds
    for both. (I'm 100% certain the announcer indeed says "Fujiyama!" because
    I recorded the sound without the music playing and it was unmistakable.)
    * Your overall mark for the song loosely depends on these factors:
    SSS: 10,000,000 points (You scored perfect for every step)
    SS: Required score varies from machine to machine, depending on
    settings. At level 4/5 or so, you require 8,700,000 or more. On
    level 4 on the PSX version, the figure is more like 9,200,000
    or more. Mostly perfects with a few greats (about 10% max)
    S: Too many greats, but mostly perfects still.
    A: You require about 7,900,000 points or more on the arcade version
    at difficulty level 4 or equivilant. At home, you require about
    8,200,000 points at the same level. Other factors include how
    many goods, boos and misses you get.
    B: A score between 7,000,000 or so and the minimum for an A. If
    you have many misses but no goods, this may also affect it.
    C: A score in the mid to high 6 millions or so.
    D: You must have screwed up regularly to get this.
    E: Typically a fail, or in versus mode, both players ended with
    no energy (or both lost their energy completely at different
    points. You CAN still finish a song with both players having
    no energy. I witnessed two players both get E's personally).
    * The Pocketstation feature definately sucks. It's a mailbox program. Why
    you'd need this or what it has to do with DDR is beyond me. I do think it
    has a Nonstop Order rearranging program, but it's a bit dodgy and I think
    it's for the home version. Why did they bother?
    * Select your difficulty by pushing D, D or U, U on the song select screen.
    (this should be obvious, but some people may not know!)
    * You can access a hidden menu by pushing select on the Music Select screen.
    The first option is Vivid/Flat mode (off/flat, off/vivid, depending if
    you're on 3rd MIX/3rd ReMIX or SSR mode). These change the patterns the
    arrows flash in - Vivid makes 1/4 and 1/2 beat steps flash differently to
    normal steps. Flat makes them all do the same flashing pattern (ie 2nd MIX).
    The second option down on the above mentioned menu is Little mode (on/off).
    This removes all half and 1/4 steps, even if there's no other steps before
    them. The third option down is sequence pattern modifiers (left mode, right
    mode, shuffle mode, mirror mode, off). To find what these do, check the
    arcade version commands in section 8.1. The last option is arrow visibility
    (off/hidden/sudden/stealth). Hidden mode makes the arrows disappear halfway
    up the screen. Sudden makes them appear 2/3 up the screen (harder than
    it sounds!). Stealth makes the arrows totally invisible!
    * Auto Music Select is stupid. Basically you pick songs by pressing the
    triangle over them and then it randomizes. I think. If you don't pick
    several songs you end up doing the same one over and over and it's stupid.
    Waste of a mode. I prefer just holding down an arrow, closing my eyes,
    then stepping on start. It's much more chaotic.
    * Wanna know how to get on the high scores table? This goes for the arcade
    version too - complete a Ranking couse in Nonstop mode. (3rd MIX or SSR
    only - not 3rd ReMIX or 2nd MIX in the arcade)
    * In Unison mode, try doing the other players steps too if possible to
    increase your combo. If they have one at the same time as you, do it as
    a jump and you'll increase your combo by two, because it's not one jump,
    it's two steps!
    * An interesting note: The backgrounds for the three songs removed (ie
    Xanadu, It Only Takes a Minute ~Extended Remix~ and Follow The Sun
    ~90 In The Shade Mix~) are still on the CD! Links to utilities to rip
    these graphics and the music will be in future editions of this FAQ, but
    you can save time and look for 'THV' and 'YU_RI' yourself! This trick also
    works on 2nd Remix. I haven't tried it on the original or Best Hits yet.
    * A special option is unlocked when you play with this game's memory card
    save on a 4th MIX machine: 'Create Link Data'. After a bit of messing
    around, you can create Nonstop data for 4th MIX and other stuff. (See
    DDR 4th MIX in the arcade section for precise info)
    * You can also edit 3rd MIX nonstop data, should you wish to. All 3rd MIX
    stuff is always mentioned in sections named 'DDR 3rd MIX(Arcade)' (or
    similar). I assume 4th MIX is under 'Link Data' because they hadn't named
    it yet...
    * Edit Data from the original DDR will no longer work. The same goes for the
    arcade machine; in 2nd ReMIX there are two types of edit data formats you
    can save in, 'type1' and 'type2'. 'type2' works on 2nd ReMIX and up. You
    can use 2nd ReMIX to change any edit data you saved from the original so
    it'll work in this one.

    3.4 Dance Dance Revolution GB

    Same game, unusual format. The game comes with a finger pad apparently, or
    in the very least one is available (there's pictures of it around), but
    I've only played it in emulator form currently. I plan to buy it since
    it's good. Before I start, I'd just like to say DON'T ask me for the ROM. I
    know it's hard to find (at least considering it's just released), but I am
    not gonna be a tool for piracy. Go buy. Anyway, this version is based on
    2nd Mix, however features what may be Bonus Tracks from 3rd Mix, or just
    something to fill the game out. DDRGB has:

    Bad Girls
    Boom Boom Dollar
    Brilliant 2U
    Butterfly (Normal and Hard)
    Dam Dariam
    El Ritmo Tropical
    Have You Never Been Mellow
    I Believe In Miracles
    If You Were Here
    La Senorita
    Paranoia MAX
    SP-Trip Machine

    On the title screen there is an option - this simply is the special finger
    controller option (on or off - leave it off if you don't have one). Other
    options are just typical of DDR - difficulty level, amount of songs for
    various modes, etc. - two puzzle me though: 'Tough' mode for Free Play Mode.
    It seems to make no impact on any songs - not even the two 3rd Mix ones. The
    other option which confuses me is couple mode (press select on the select
    game mode screen). 1P Couple mode might be just 1 Player with Couple mode
    steps (I didn't look), but 2P Couple mode had no effect at all. Perhaps it's
    cos' I wasn't playing a link game, but then why did it let me pick it in
    the first place? Wierd.

    In smaller itty gritty details, DDR is a 16mbit cart (both Beatmania GB carts
    are 8mbit), it's a Color only game (once again, Beatmania GB carts work on
    old GB's too), and it doesn't have a save mode or password mode.

    ADDENDUM: I've since bought this game, and let me tell you DDR GB1 is pretty
    poor. It tries and it fails. The main problem is with the music - the bass
    totally disappears after a little bit on most songs. I believe this is
    because the programmers unintelligbly change the intruments or use the
    sound channel for something else. It sounds insignificant, but try playing
    DDR on some of those really poor speakers you get in $2 shops and you'll
    know what I mean. If it weren't for this, the music would be fine. This
    problem is 10 times more noticable with earphones.

    3.5 Dance Dance Revolution GB2

    See above. GB2 is essentially the best songs (in Konami's opinion) of
    DDR 3rd Mix and DDR Solo (2000?), and is heavily based on DDR 3rd Mix
    in graphics and such (the title music is 'Can You Feel The Rhythm'). It
    has Nonstop mode, as such. These are the songs:

    Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
    Club Tropicana
    Dam Dariam
    High Energy
    If You Can Say Goodbye
    I'm Alive
    In The Navy '99
    La Senorita
    Love Machine
    Mr. Wonderful
    Paranoia Rebirth
    Silent Hill
    So Many Men
    Sky High
    Together & Forever
    Turn Me On ~Heavenly Mix~
    Typical Tropical
    Vol 4

    It has more songs, of course, and for what it's worth, this is a HUGE
    improvement over the first DDR GB. The bass problem is more or less fixed -
    it still happens, most noticably (by me :P) in I'm Alive (which I hate
    anyway), but overall, it's a great port. The only question to ask yourself
    before you buy it is, do you love DDR for the physical interaction or for
    another reason? After all, there's not many different ways to push buttons
    with your fingers - especially while holding a GBC!

    As for playing advice - without the finger step controller is the hardest
    way to play, as B becomes the up arrow and A becomes the right arrow (so
    you can do jumps). I suggest you learn to use these buttons for these
    directions only - if you try to push up and right on the directional pad
    too, you'll confuse yourself. Also, like the PSX, press select to get any
    hidden game modes once you're on a song select screen.

    As for playing on an emulator, pressing several directions at once tends
    to 'lock' keyboards and thus nothing happens. Beware of this. This probably
    has been corrected with USB keyboards, though...

    3.5 Dance Dance Revolution GB3

    DDR GB3 once again uses the seemingly rushed DDR GB1 engine. Here's the song

    1,2,3,4, 007
    1,2,3,4, 007 -HARD-
    Celebrate Nite
    Don't Stop! ~AMD 2nd MIX~
    Dream A Dream
    Eat You Up
    Eat You up -HARD-
    Hypnotic Crisis
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
    In The Heat Of The Night
    Kiss Me (KCP Remix)
    Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)
    Luv To Me ~AMD Mix~
    Luv To Me ~AMD Mix~ -HARD-
    My Summer Love
    Never Gonna Make
    Pink Dinosaur
    Trip Machine Climax
    Upside Down
    Walkie Talkie

    Luv To Me ~AMD Mix~ -HARD- actually plays significantly faster than it does
    normal. It's 200bpm, I estimate. 1,2,3,4, 007 -HARD- on Maniac would be
    actually easier than the normal Maniac if you were playing the real game, as
    there are more steps like triples but less off-beat ones or sixteenth/¬ steps
    like normal. It's harder with the GB controls, though...it still uses the
    now incredibly outdated looking DDR 2nd MIX numbers for the score, as well
    as the way outdated 2nd MIX ranking system (E-A, S-SS and maybe an SSS but
    I haven't gotten one). D-A are displayed as they look in 4th MIX. E and the S
    ranks are unique to this game in look (ie they've been drawn from scratch).
    Also note that all songs are available initially and there are no categories
    like 4th MIX, except in Nonstop Mode which seems to be catergorized exactly
    like some of the 4th MIX main mode categories! (Konami Original A/B, Pops
    A/B, Covers and Classics)

    Overall, this game is still disappointing. The audio isn't too clear and
    sometimes bits which you usually can't hear in 4th MIX can be heard over
    the main instruments. This means the song could be unrecognisable and it
    will not help you follow the beat! Basslines disappearing seems to no longer
    be a problem. However, some songs sound way different...especially My Summer
    Love. Hypnotic Crisis, Eat You Up, Upside Down and Dream A Dream don't escape
    either. Every other song, except maybe Trip Machine Climax, is perfectly
    recognisable. Like DDR 4th MIX on Playstation, Solo 2000 and Korean tier
    songs are absent. Personally I think they coulda got rid of some of the
    other songs they decided to add, like the junky 3rd MIX songs they added. I
    wouldn't say it's an improvement over DDR GB2, and I wouldn't say it's worse
    than DDR GB2. It's just different. It's definately better than DDR GB1.

    3.7 Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits

    A spick 'n' span mix of all of the 'best' DDR songs using the DDR 3rd Mix
    engine. As such, it has the same de-synced steps problem for PAL users.
    See the Gameshark code section for the fix I've made. This has less songs
    than 3rd Mix, and less features. It has a 'shareware' feel to it. You
    get roughly 30 songs from DDR mixes 1-3, including every song from the
    original DDR (excluding Strictly Business, which was removed from DDR
    games after DDR 3rd Korean Mix/before DDR 2nd Mix DC, and the original
    Trip Machine, for reasons unknown to me as I liked it!), a large chunk of
    2nd (Re)MIX songs (alternate mixes are all gone except Paranoia Max and
    SP-Trip Machine ~Jungle Mix~), and a few 3rd Mix songs (the only
    Catastrophic songs in it are ol' Captain Jack and Dynamite Rave!). It
    also has Drop The Bomb and After The Game Of Love. I doubt it has any
    hidden songs, as so far, I've found no hidden features at all! (there
    is no Information menu) The only new features are Maniac Double mode
    for pre-3rd MIX songs (also note SSR is just named Maniac here), a
    shortcut menu in options to allow you to default to certain characters and
    a mode every time which you specify yourself, diet records in the record
    menu, and 2 new characters which don't suit DDR well at all and are
    probably inspired by Pump It Up or something. Small details for small
    detail fans include the numerals for scores changed, Charmy has alluminium
    tights now like she has since DDR 3rd Mix arcade (in 3rd Mix arcade/PSX
    she had none - I presume this was changed since you could see her panties.
    3rd Mix Korean arcade was the first one with this change), the background
    in the song select screen is a bluey-green similar to the 2nd Mix mode
    on 3rd Mix arcade, and the options menu looks a lot like the original
    DDR but it's much less detailed. It also features no built-in edit data
    like 3rd MIX arcade or PSX, or 2nd MIX DC, but you can still load all of
    your own edit data. Nonstop mode is still in, but it has only about 8
    or so selections, and two difficulty levels (you can't put all songs on
    Maniac/SSR, for example, or all songs on Basic). There is no paint mode,
    but there is edit mode, diet mode, learning and training mode. Another
    utterly useless feature is that Soft mode has become Beginner mode, and
    shows you a picture of the DDR arcade floor panels in the background so
    you can mimic the steps they do and all songs are only 1 foot! I hear
    this is in DDR USA/DS Euromix too. Also, the intro loops through the intro
    movies from all 3 DDR mixes, but they're still lower framerate versions,
    unlike on DDR 2nd MIX DC. Overall, a lot of stuff has been removed from
    DDR Best Hits, and it's a blatant showcase for the other games in the
    series. For westerners, its only advantage is it has 2nd Mix songs with
    3rd Mix graphics, as many people seem to have problems with the disc
    switch mode, and it isn't just people who pirated the game. I believe it's
    because the disc switch mode is a seperate .EXE on the DDR 3rd MIX CD, and
    thus the protection is invalid - as for Maniac Double mode, the mats slip
    too much for that! (it's also worth getting if you want the original DDR
    but cannot find it anywhere.)

    DDR Best Hits has no edit data, yet Konami didn't remove the Official Konami
    Edit Data distinguishing code from the engine - wierd. DDR Best Hits has
    NO secret songs, NO edit data, and basically NO frills. The only improvements
    over 3rd MIX are Maniac Double mode (if you can call it an improvement!),
    Diet Mode's new alternate modes and a flashier edit data engine. But only
    slightly flashier. For your interest, here's the song list:

    Reminder to self: unfinished and unverified...

    After The Game Of Love
    Boom Boom Dollar
    Brilliant 2U
    Dam Dariam
    Drop The Bomb
    Have You Never Been Mellow
    I Believe In Miracles
    If You Were Here
    Get Up'N Move
    Kung-Fu fighting
    La Senorita
    Let's Get Down
    Little Bitch
    Make It Better
    My Fire
    Paranoia MAX
    Put Your Faith In Me
    Silent Hill
    Stomp To My Beat
    That's The Way (I Like It)

    Because of the song list, it's also the game most similar to the original
    US/UK version of DDR/Dancing Stage!

    3.8 Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX

    Like 3rd MIX, the first thing to note is for PAL users only: The steps will
    be out of sync with the music yet again. The code to fix this is in the
    Gameshark section along with the modchip protection removal codes.

    For changes from 3rd MIX to 4th MIX, check the arcade info. The first thing
    to note is the differences from the arcade version and 3rd MIX PSX's unique
    additions, including the many bugs:

    * The 7 or so DDR Solo 2000 tier songs have been removed (Drop Out, Paranoia
    Evolution, Hysteria, Let The Beat Hit 'em!, Super Star, Can't Stop Fallin'
    In Love, and Wild Rush). Also, the 7 or so Korean songs from 3rd MIX Plus
    are not in this.
    * 1 4th MIX Plus song was added along with about 5 all-new songs, including
    a new mix of Orion.78.
    * Link Data for use with 4th MIX Arcade and 5th MIX Arcade can be generated.
    You can also fiddle around with both too.
    * All Music mode and Event Mode are enabled/disabled in Game Options.
    * 'Solo Mode' is added, which puts the game on 6 panel mode (like the Solo
    arcade version of 4th MIX). Only one version of the game exists with both
    Solo and normal modes in it
    * Like 4th MIX Plus, 'Ninzaburo' is now known as 'Furuhata's Theme'. (as
    Ninzaburo is the name of the show the song is from)
    * The 3 songs not found in 3rd MIX - Follow The Sun ~90 in The Shade Mix~,
    It Only Takes a Minute ~Extended Remix~ and Xanadu, are in this game.
    * Song Categories have changed drastically.
    * Currently, no option to switch discs with older DDRs seems to exist.
    * No 'User Support' option seems to exist. (ie, you cannot use 4th MIX to
    get all the goodies in 3rd MIX)
    * 'Challenge Mode', which is like 'Training' in 3rd MIX and Best Hits in
    that there are 3 initial modes (Basic, Trick, Maniac) with 10 challenges
    each, but obviously it's more than just a tutorial. Tasks might include
    getting an A (formerly SS) on the song, or not using the up arrow. You
    have to unlock this feature by playing a small number of times.
    * A Pocketstation feature is included for 4th MIX arcade. It's that junky
    mailbox program from 3rd MIX again by the looks of it...yes, it edits 4th
    MIX Arcade NS Order. But it's cumbersome and it sucks and it looks like
    a ZX Spectrum program (that's bad).
    * Unlike DDR Best Hits, Lesson Mode has been redone from scratch. In other
    words, it doesn't have the N.M.R. songs playing - which weren't in Best
    Hits except for Lesson Mode :)
    * The 'timing' option in Sound Options allows you to make the music faster
    or slower than the steps. It does not change the actual speed of the music
    or allow you to get more perfects.
    * The announcer no longer says "I can see a dream in your dance. I can see
    tomorrow in your dance! We can call it, our hope!". I think Konami did the
    same thing that Sega did with Daytona USA's corny lyrics - which are now
    considered cult classics. Konami ruin all our fun! :(
    * The announcer doesn't even say 'oh god! oh god!' when you get an AA (the
    equivilent of SSS).
    * Endless mode no longer lets you pick specific songs. You don't seem to be
    able to set when the stage break appears, either. No frills endless mode,
    I guess...

    * BUG: If the CD skips, the game pauses briefly but the music doesn't - and
    thus becomes desynchronized. This probably isn't isolated to PAL machines.
    This only occurs occasionally, other times it'll pick right up again like
    3rd MIX. The Game Shark unlock codes may cause this...
    * BUG: The song 'Dancing All Alone' by Smile.dk appears to be a trial song
    for 5th mix but appears in the normal setup with the following difficulties
    (Basic/Trick/Maniac): 2/1/1 4 panel, 1/1/1 6 panel. Obviously it was never
    supposed to be seen on Trick/Maniac. Much less a bug than Konami being
    lazy coders yet again. (note: The steps are identical on all difficulties.
    Try getting A's on all of them!) Info does say to play it on Basic Single/
    Double only, but since when is that an excuse for poor programming?
    * BUG: 6 panel mode does not always work in Challenge Node using a mat.
    Challenge Mode seems to automatically enable the controller setup, even if
    you pick that you have a mat and have Controller 1 off in options! This
    bug may be fixable by trial and error, but nothing fixes it every time.
    Very serious bug. Fix it by selecting you have a normal controller in
    Challenge Mode, quit out of Challenge Mode, enter Challenge Mode again,
    then select mat. This may only occur on copies of the game - this is
    unverified as it doesn't occur 100% of the time.
    * BUG: 'Danger' doesn't seem to appear on the screen, although an option
    for it is in the graphics options menu - yet you still get booing, which
    indicates it should be showing if switched on. This may be only occuring
    on copies of the game too, and you may be able to fix it somehow - I think
    'Danger!' only works with Event Mode off.
    * BUG: Often the next stage won't load after it's selected. This bug appears
    to be widespread and ISN'T caused by a GameShark unlock code as first
    suspected (hence it was not mentioned earlier). Letting the game run a bit
    seems to fix this problem sometimes. Save often...
    * BUG: Sometimes scrolling through the songs really fast causes some of the
    banners to flicker. This is probably just a sprite overload. Konami are
    famous for that (remember Gradius 3? :P). This seems completely random.
    It seems to be caused by pressing twice in the same direction too fast.
    The cause is undetermined, though!
    * BUG: In some versions, any edit data for Leadin Cyber has invisible
    arrows. Even if you get a full combo, you always get 23 misses at the end.
    This bug appears to affect originals and copies. (thanks to H.Edward from
    RTF for this)
    * BUG: In some versions, any edit data for Era(nostalmix) with twelfth beat
    steps in places where the speed changes, the song automatically clears.
    (thanks again to H.Edward from RTF for this)
    * BUG: Sometimes the Internet Ranking password won't show after a stage has
    been beaten when it should (ie if you get a max combo). This appears to
    happen most often on Love Again Tonight. Once again, it doesn't affect all
    versions and isn't isolated to pirated copies of the game only. (thanks to


    Created by: Jan Smetana (Xsoft) © 2oo4
    Hrubé chyby opraveny by: S'Tsung